Beastly Shows Off The Monster Goods

By Katey Rich 2009-10-01 13:52:35discussion comments
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So say you're a really big fan of stories in which handsome men are suddenly transformed into hideous beasts, but you've just watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast movie too many times for it to have an effect any more. Vanessa Hudgens has got you covered! She's one of the fresh-faced stars of Beastly, a modern retelling of the fairy tale in which a New York teen (Alex Pettyfer) is transformed into some kind of monster.

And unlike most sci-fi movies, which make you wait forever to see the goods, Beastly is showing off its beast from the get-go. We've got three images from the set, including one of Pettyfer as his normal handsome self, and another of him in full-on monster gear. To see larger versions of both the images you see below, as well as a third of Hudgens looking somehow like Penelope Cruz's younger sister, click on either photo for a link to our full Beastly gallery. The movie comes out July 30 next summer.

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