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By Josh Tyler 2009-06-10 01:47:55discussion comments
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Focuse Features has released a brand new, gorgeous poster for their upcoming animated movie 9. Theyíve exclusively released it to about two dozen sites. Apparently the definition of exclusive has changed since I slept last night. From now on exclusive means everywhere but Cinema Blend. Hey thatís alright, weíll still let you see it. Weíre just that cool. So see the awesome poster below, and since itís been exclusively released to more sites than I can possibly cover in a reasonable manner, below find a list of all the wonderful sites who got it. If your site also got this as an exclusive and you arenít listed, then please know that I either just didnít notice or I hate you. Itís up to you to figure out which it is.

Right, enough with the record keeping, hereís the amazing new poster for 9, a Tim Burton produced animated movie about dolls who must fight for survival in a creepy, gothic world.

The Official Please Donít Get Mad At Us For Not Crediting You List Of Exclusive Poster Sources:
Are You Screening
Film School Rejects
Bad Taste
Ramaís Screen
Can Mag

And just in case you missed it the first time around, check out the equally fantastic trailer for 9 below.

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