Behind The Scenes With New Moon's Shirtless Werewolf

By Josh Tyler 2009-06-03 22:33:38discussion comments
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Behind The Scenes With New Moon's Shirtless Werewolf image
Taylor Lautner talks like he fell off the stage during an American Idol audition. I知 sure he値l be great as his werewolf role in The Twilight Saga continues to develop. Besdies, I have this funny feeling that there痴 a lot of crossover between the Twilight and American Idol audiences.

Speaking of Taylor Lautner, Access Hollywood scored a behind the scenes look at the burgeoning, doggie-styled star's work in The Twilight Saga New Moon. If you saw the New Moon trailer then you got a look at Taylor痴 transformation from muscle-boy to fuzzy wolf. In the video below, they show you how it was done. Weirdly, it seems Kristen Stewart uses a stunt double for something as simple as running across grass. I guess she has all the scenes where Bella痴 sitting around covered. See it all in the two videos embedded below:

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