Beyonce Dreams Of Wonder Woman

By Rafe Telsch 2008-11-09 19:04:44discussion comments
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That Wonder Woman movie keeps popping up occasionally, subject to fanboy ruminations of who should be handling the film (put it back in Joss Whedonís hands!) and who should be wearing the costume (Megan Fox would be fine by me). A new actress would like fans to add her name to their wish list - musician Beyonce Knowles told the L.A. Times sheís very interested in playing the amazing amazon.

Through an interview, Beyonce said sheís actually met with representatives from both DC Comics and Warner Brothers to discuss an interest in putting on spandex of some sort. With lots of different comic book adaptations on the horizon, that sounds pretty reasonable, but Wonder Woman is setting awfully lofty aspirations, isnít it? Especially for an actress who has barely cut her teeth in filmmaking, and very little of that being as demanding physically as a role like Wonder Woman would be.

My skepticism isnít just due to the notion of the musician turned actress taking such a hefty role. Letís be honest - female superheroes havenít exactly done well in movies anyway. Catwoman? Elektra? Hell, X-Men 3 managed to take solid characters and ruin them rather effectively, so anyone stepping into Wonder Womanís costume would be fighting an uphill battle.

Still, Beyonce sounds excited about the possibilities, even if they are only in her own head right now: ĒI love Wonder Woman and it'd be a dream come true to be that character. It sure would be handy to have that lasso. To make everybody tell the truth? I need that. It would come in very handy."
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