Baymax, voiced by Scott Adsit (30 Rock), is a nurse robot built by Hiro, who has been retrofitted to be a crime fighter.

Disney Big Hero 6

Hiro (Ryan Potter) is the half-Japanese, half-Caucasian 14-year-old whiz kid who serves as Baymax's best friend, creator, and battle partner.

Disney Big Hero 6

T.J. Miller plays Fred, a comic-book fanatic who gears up in a kaiju-inspired creature suit.

Disney Big Hero 6

GoGo Tamago is a tough-as-nails industrial-engineering student whose superhero gear includes a bike that levitates thanks to magnetics, and those discs, which act as weapons. She’s voiced by Jamie Chung.

Disney Big Hero 6

Chemistry student Honey Lemon is a sweet and upbeat girly girl with serious brains. Genesis Rodriguez (Identity Thief ) gives voice to this adorable geek girl.

Disney Big Hero 6

Finally, we've got the improbably named Wasabi, whose battle gear boasts laser-shooting bracers. Described as a cautious rule-follower, Wasabi gets some spice to his performance thanks to New Girl's Damon Wayans Jr.

Disney Big Hero 6

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