Bill Murray Addresses Ghostbusters 3 Rumors On Letterman

By Josh Tyler 2010-03-02 00:44:15discussion comments
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Bill Murray Addresses Ghostbusters 3 Rumors On Letterman image
Bill Murray showed up on Letterman tonight and did what weve all been waiting for. He confirmed Ghostbusters 3. Well, sort of.

Actually when asked about the movie he addressed it in a somewhat skeptical tone. With Murray though, its hard to tell if hes joking. Does he really believe it wont happen or is he simply playing the disinterested celebrity to ham it up for the crowd? Your guess is as good as mine. But what he did do with some degree of certainty is confirm what weve been hearing about the plot, if it happens.

Addressing his role in the sequel Murray says, I told them if they killed me off in the first reel Id do it. So now they figured out a way to kill me off in the first reel. Since he said it on national television, I think its safe to pull this out of spoiler territory. This confirms the rumors weve been hearing for months now that Murray would appear in the film as a ghost. Except it sounds like, for at least some of the film, hell still be breathing. Does that mean well see Venkman die on screen? Or does it mean Venkman will simply get killed off and not appear in the film as a ghost as wed all hoped? Maybe this doesnt answer as many questions as Id hoped.

Watch Murray answer Lettermans Ghostbusters questions in the video embed below:

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