Blade Helmer Taking On Lost Patrol

By Will LeBlanc 2010-01-13 10:12:02discussion comments
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Occasional director Stephen Norrington is looking to ramp up his resume by taking rewriting and directing duties on Lost Patrol, an adjective-laden project getting developed over at Legendary, according to THR.

The “supernatural action thriller set against the backdrop of WWII” sounds an awful lot like Night and Fog which has just about the exact same description and recently went into development. However, “supernatural” really could mean anything, and in Lost Patrol's case, as long as it doesn't mean “zombies,” they'll be all set. It's sort of nice to see WWII films getting the go-ahead that finally take that war in a different direction. It's been done over and over again in movies and video games, so these new horror/thriller stories should be a nice switch.

Norrington recently signed on to write and direct the reboot of 90's phenomenon The Crow, drawing from the comic and making it more ”realistic, hard-edged and mysterious.” It's hard to say what to expect from either of Stephen Norrington's next projects simply because he directed Blade and then followed that up with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Hopefully there's more news to come on how Lost Patrol will differentiate itself from other supernatural WWII titles.
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