Blendcast: Three Men And A Jigsaw Puzzle

By Mack Rawden 2009-10-29 18:57:52discussion comments
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Blendcast: Three Men And A Jigsaw Puzzle image
Then I said what aboutÖ Blendcast on Thursday? She said I think I remember the greatness, and I said, well, thatís one thing we got. Brainís in Dallas, Trevorís in Chicago, Mackís in Bloomington. Weíve got a stranglehold on the Heartland this week, and itís only a matter of time before we take over the country--like Swine Flu or the Snuggie. From Big Love to Saw Fest!, weíve got a bit of everything for your listening enjoyment, and I might be a little biased here but I think your life would be greatly improved by taking a ganders at what weíve got.

Wanna know why This Is It is doomed to flop or why smoking bans affect nonsmokers just as much as nicotine fiends? The three of us have the answers to all of lifeís little problems, and since recent studies have shown eighty-two percent of Blendcast listeners donít have their shit together, we figured it would be nice to impart a little wisdom. Or better yet, click the subscribe button and start listening every week.

Warning!: You must be at least forty-one inches tall to ride the Blendcast. Bear in mind, weíd gladly allow everyone to get on board, but thereís quite a substantial risk of children, the handicapped, and less intelligent members of the midget community slipping between those bars and falling to their deaths. We canít be fighting off lawsuits.

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