Blendcast: Three Men And One's A Woman

By Mack Rawden 2009-12-02 21:07:32discussion comments
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Blendcast: Three Men And One's A Woman image
So, we finally gave in. We stopped the shit-strewing and decided to give Twilight a fair shake. Well, at least sorta. Former Mz Magazine contributor Rachel Skybetter stopped by to explain why a talented, educated woman with a fine degree from an accredited university would shell out ten bucks to see wolves and vampires fight over poutey-faced broodmares. Trevor and Mack are still not quite as on board.

But donít worry. We did a lot more beyond that melodramatic gobbledygook. Good conversations are to be heard here about early Jim Carrey movies, Roger Ebertís private demeanor, Ninja Assassin, John Cusack pulling himself out of a volcano, zombies, Pirate Radio, Men Who Stare At Goats and watching Demolition Man five times in one weekend on AMC. Yeah, that was obviously Trevor. So, pull up a chair and tell your damn kids to turn the music down. Itís the BlendcastÖ

Warning!: This episode of the Blendcast contains gluten. So, all you motherfuckers with newly-diagnosed gluten allergies should probably hit up the organic food aisle instead of tarnishing your world view here. Person or persons worried about jamming their delicate nasal passages with absolute filth should probably consider re-watching last weekís episode of Oprah. Itís about a flu strain affecting dogs. Swear to God.

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