Blue Valentine Clip: Ryan And Michelle In Happier Times

By Katey Rich 2010-05-13 15:47:00discussion comments
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Blue Valentine Clip: Ryan And Michelle In Happier Times image
Blue Valentine was one of those breakout Sundance hits I just couldn't get behind. Most people I knew who saw it found it touching, heartbreaking and impeccably acted, whereas I mostly felt like it was over-directed and implausible, covering up two genuinely good performances by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as a married couple facing serious trouble 10 years in. I'm clearly in the minority, though, as the film will be traveling overseas at Cannes this weekend, and is set for a release at some point this year from the Weinstein Company.

In relation to the film's Cannes bow, I'm guessing, a clip from the film has shown up online, dug up by The Playlist. The film flashes between from the couple's current fights and stony silences to the happy, early days of their relationship, and this clip comes from the flashbacks, when they're picking a song to be "their song" and completely, totally enamored with each other. It's a well-acted scene and contains many of the good things about the film, so you'll probably think I'm crazy for doubting it. I'll let you discover that for yourself when the film comes out; in the meantime, check out the clip below.

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