Bomb Scare On The Green Hornet Set

By Josh Tyler 2009-09-29 23:49:57discussion comments
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Bomb Scare On The Green Hornet Set image
The Green Hornet just canít catch a break. After an eternity in development hell, a tortured pre-production process in which they played musical chairs with their Kato, and more recently a car wreck on the set, youíd think that by now the would-be Seth Rogen film would have had its fair share of troubles and be sailing calmer waters from here on out. And then somebody though they spotted a bomb on the set.

TMZ reports that while filming in a Los Angeles parking lot, the crew found an unidentified metal objects. The authorities called the bomb squad who showed up and blew the thing up with a robot which, since it involved a robot, is pretty cool. Even cooler it wasnít actually a bomb, but this sort of ridiculousness seems to be par for the course when it comes to making this movie. I hope itís worth all the trouble.
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