Brad Pitt And David O. Russell May Rescue Jungle Hostages

By Josh Tyler 2011-06-29 13:04:28discussion comments
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Brad Pitt And David O. Russell May Rescue Jungle Hostages image
Every few months everyone in Hollywood gets excited about doing ripped from the headlines movies based on actual events. But whether its Valerie Plame or guys trapped under the World Trade Center, the truth is that it rarely translates into any level of interest among general audiences at the box office. Maybe itll help if guys with guns are involved.

The Fighter director David O. Russell is considering a hostage rescue mission movie at Warner Bros. Titled The Mission, the movie is based on a six-year joint operation between American and Columbian operatives to free 15 captives hidden away in the Columbian jungle. Called Operacion Jaque, a vast network of spies and operatives and numerous governments with high-tech surveillance were involved. Brad Pitt is being pursued to star, but neither he nor Russell are actually signed on yet.

Deadline tries to connect this project to the recent killing of Osama bin Laden. I guess the idea here is that because of this Hollywood thinks were all suddenly interested in secret, military operations. Given the popularity of the Bond and the Bourne franchises over the years, Id say weve always been interested in them. But ok, whatever gets you going Hollywood.
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