Brad Pitt To Saddle Up For Red Dead Redemption Movie?

By Josh Tyler 2010-08-27 00:57:59discussion comments
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Brad Pitt To Saddle Up For Red Dead Redemption Movie? image
Red Dead Redemption is, by all accounts, a really great game, and whatís more insanely popular. So itís no surprise that Hollywood might be interested in adapting it for the screen (and letís face it, inevitably ruining it) even though they could probably do just as well writing an original western. Hollywood never does something original where an adaptation would do. So itís entirely possible that at some point someone really will try to turn Red Dead Redemption into a movie, but could it be Brad Pitt that does it? ShowbizSpy thinks so, which probably means it isnít happening, since theyíre almost always dead wrong.

But letís have a little fun with the rumor anyway. They say Brad is ďthe hot favoriteĒ to play the lead John Marston in a movie based on the popular Red Dead Redemption video game. I donít know what it means to be ďthe hot favoriteĒ. It could just mean that the person who wrote the article thinks he looks good with his shirt off. In fact, thatís almost certainly what it means because, again, this information does come from a celebrity gossip blog. They offer no further information, so fun with rumor time over.

If we were a less creative, lazier website, this would be the spot where we would now copy/paste in a synopsis of the game stolen from somewhere else. But we do care, so Iím going to do my level best to tell you what Red Dead Redemption is all about in my own words, and Iíll probably do a better and quicker job of it than a copy/pasted stolen synopsis would anyway. Well I would have, if I hadnít done all this bragging about just how good I am at my job first. Iím a peacock, you have to let me fly.

Red Dead Redemptionís story takes place in the waning days of the old west, in 1911, and follows a former outlaw named James Marston. Marstonís on a mission to hunt down his old gang and bring them to justice, blackmailed into doing it by the government, which holds his beloved wife hostage.

Itís a Rockstar game, theyíre the same people who brought the world Grand Theft Auto, so that means plenty of gritty, realistic violence which should translate well on film. And Brad Pitt has proven heís badass when it comes to playing an old west outlaw. He was better then he gets credit for in the also better than it gets credit for Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Itíd be great to see him strap on a pair of guns again, even though thereís absolutely no way this rumor is true, and this will never happen.
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