Bruno Too Gay To Function In The Ukraine

By Josh Tyler 2009-07-16 00:41:44discussion comments
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Bruno Too Gay To Function In The Ukraine image
Bruno is too gay for Ukraine. Thatís not really surprising, in fact Iím pretty sure heís also too gay for gay people. But they arenít banning him from their midst, and the Ukraine is.

Variety reports that the former Soviet country has deemed the movie ďimmoralĒ. Theyíre not down with Brunoís talking penis, his pedal-powered sex machine, his bad language, or really much of anything else in the movie. They think itís obscene and improper, and of course theyíre right, thatís kind of the point.

So Ukrainians wonít be able to buy tickets for Bruno. No loss, after all itís no Borat. It is sort of interesting that some believe the ban is being instituted out of fear of offending religious sectors of the population. Wasnít Ukraine communist like five minutes ago? Arenít communists supposed to be anti-religion? They seemed to have latched on to the god thing hard and fast.

Universal is already releasing a watered down version of the film in other repressive, censorship heavy countriesÖ countries like the United Kingdom. Wait a minute, when did the UK turn into China? Yet even that version it would seem, which ditches a full minute and a half of Sacha Baron Cohenís testicles, isnít safe enough for Ukraine. Not that I blame them. If I could un-see Sacha Baron Cohenís pubic hair, I would.
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