Cam Gigandet Not Actually Playing Another Vampire

By Katey Rich 2009-06-15 13:10:26discussion comments
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Cam Gigandet Not Actually Playing Another Vampire image
When we reported last week that Cam Gigandet would be playing a vampire in the adaptation of the TokyoPop graphic novel seriesPriest, the story seemed like a pretty simple twist on John Ford's The Searchers, substituting vampires for Native Americans. Boy was I wrong about that-- the Wikipedia entry for the series has given me a massive headache. And now it looks like Gigandet's character isn't even a vampire, disappointing legions of Twilight fans.

Talking to MTV, Gigandet said the vampire rumors were a bit exaggerated. ďI think there was some miscommunication that I was a vampire but thatís not the case. Iím not a vampire.Ē

Instead, he says, "There are vampire-esque creatures in the movie, but itís really a battle between good and evil. Paul Bettany and I are on this journey to rescue someone that we love, and itís just this fascinating journey movie taking place in a different reality.Ē

Any manga experts want to help me figure out what on earth is going on here, and what character Gigandet is even playing? An can I keep my hopes about the Searchers reference alive? I need guidance here. Watch an excerpt from his MTV interview to search for clues:

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