Lots of big name directors earn a sweet payday for a short jaunt of work helming commercials. But can you guess the auteur behind the four new ads for The GAP? We'll help you out by dropping one hint for each of the videos here. The first clue is that this director got his start helming commercials, including one for the American Cancer Society that involved a smoking fetus. He later went on to helm music videos before making the leap to narrative filmmaking.

Despite the use of black and white in all four of these ads (tipped by JoBlo, spoilers at the link), this director has never made a black and white feature film.

Though these ads are fueled by a jaunty and jazzy romance, this director is better known for crafting gripping crime dramas that are often mind-bending, and anything but "normal." He has a film hitting this fall that could also fit into this category.

In the past ten years, he's twice been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director. Each time he was nominated for helming an adaptation of a book. Neither time did he win.

For the big reveal of who directed these four GAP ads, click to page 2.




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