Cannot Be Unseen: Muppets With People Eyes

By Eric Eisenberg 2011-01-10 14:54:48discussion comments
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Cannot Be Unseen: Muppets With People Eyes image
My love for the Muppets cannot be questioned. Down the line, from Kermit to Camilla the Chicken, every single last one of them puts a smile on my face that doesn't go away for weeks. They're lovable, endearing, incredible creations and not creepy in any way. Well, at least not until you give them human eyes.

A new Tumblr account called "Muppets with People Eyes" has found its way into existence and it is absolutely horrifying. The premise is simple: take the eternally awesome Jim Henson-created characters and Photoshop them with the eyes of a human. Before you look at some of the pictures below, I should caution you that you may not be able to see your favorite characters in the same way ever again. You've been warned.

Check out some samples below and head on over to "Muppets with People Eyes" to see the rest.

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