Scoop: Captain America May Be Matthew McConaughey - Updated

By Josh Tyler 2008-05-06 03:20:15discussion comments
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Scoop: Captain America May Be Matthew McConaughey - Updated image
After their big announcement Monday, we now know that Marvel Studios is planning to resurrect Captain America. His first movie isnít slated for release until May 6th of 2011, but according to our sources theyíre already looking for a potential leading man.

One of our long time scoopers dropped us a message tonight to let me know that Matthew McConaughey may be one of Marvelís leading candidates to slip into Capís red white and blue underpants. Our source is a reliable one, but at this point itís still very early and heís only one of the actors they are considering for the role.

Physically I can understand why theyíd want him. McConaughey has the build of an all-American beefcake type, which is exactly what Captain America is. Aside from his appearance though, heíd be a strange choice. Though heís made a lot of movies, thereís still been no real evidence that Matthew can really act. Aside from his questionable acting ability, thereís also his public persona as a rarely bathed, pot smoking slacker. The McConaughey weíve all come to know embodies just about everything that Captain America isnít.

Though maybe thatís not a bad thing. In the early days Captain America was basically government propaganda. A rah rah, flag waver meant to get everyone excited about killing Nazis. Maybe moving a little bit away from that straight-laced, uber-patriot persona wouldnít be a bad thing, since as heís traditionally thought of Captain America is kind of a bore.

UPDATE! New information reveals that whether he was ever in contention or not, McConaughey isn't going to be Cap! Get the details here.
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