Carl Rinsch Loses Another Job, The Logan's Run Remake

By Will LeBlanc 2010-11-15 06:19:55discussion comments
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Carl Rinsch Loses Another Job, The Logan's Run Remake image
We first heard of Carl Rinsch when his short film The Gift debuted online to rave reviews, quickly being touted as the next District 9. From there Rinsch was offered the helm of the upcoming Alien prequel, as well as for an updated adaptation of the sci-fi classic Loganís Run.

Well, it didnít take long for Ridley Scott to push Rinsch off of Alien for the chance to direct it himself, and now, THR is reporting that heís no longer involved with Loganís Run. He isnít the first director bumped from the spot; others include Bryan Singer, Robert Schwentke, and Tron: Legacy helmer Joe Kosinski. This makes two sci-fi classics that heís become part of then had to walk away, and even though in this case he's got another project in his back pocket, you canít help but feel bad for the little guy.

Fortunately for fans of The Gift (embedded below), the commercial director is still hard at work on Ronin, which puts Keanu Reeves and 47 18th century samurai on the same screen, a situation Iím sure weíre all anxious to see.

Rinschís departure from Run is unfortunate, but weíll undoubtedly see more of him as time wears on. Keep an eye out here for more details on Ronin as well as other projects heíll be landing in the near future.

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