Carnage Clip Reveals A Very Drunk Kate Winslet

By Kelly West 2012-01-11 18:12:14discussion comments
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Roman Polanskiís Carnage made its way around the festival circuit last year, and received a limited release toward the end of 2011. With the film set to make its way into even more theaters later this week, a clip has arrived online that offers an amusing look at the film, and Kate Winslet in particular.

Listed as a comedy, Carnage features a top notch cast, starring Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, John C. Reilly and Christoph Waltz. The foursome play the parents of two boys who get into a scuffle on the playground. In an effort to work the situation out, the victimís parents invite the bullyís parents over for drinks The trailer did more than hint at the comedic shenanigans in store for what turns out to be a less than civilized meeting of adults, but this clip, courtesy of iTunes zooms in on Winsletís character, who seems to have surpassed her limit of drinks.

Nothing like a bit of unbridled anger to follow cocktails with your sonís enemyís parents, huh? It doesnít hurt that I already think Winslet is fantastic, but wow can she play up the intoxication.

Eric had good things to say about the film in his review, describing it as ďan unconventional comedy,Ē going on to say that most of the laughs come from darker moments, stating, ďItís schadenfreude that you donít have to feel guilty about later.Ē

If youíre curious to know if Carnage is going to playing in a theater near you, Sony Classics was helpful enough to list the dates and locations on their website. It looks like the film will be available in a lot of cities this Friday (January 13th), after which it spreads out a bit more over the weeks that follow.
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