Cars 2 Poster: Lightning McQueen Attends The Royal Wedding

By Josh Tyler 2011-04-29 13:43:51discussion comments
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Iíve done my level best to ignore the Royal Wedding. Iím an American, thereís really no excuse for any of us paying attention to this malarkey, and if you are just remember that the founding fathers hate you. Iíve done my best to ignore it, but now hereís Pixar shoving it under my nose and, heck, I love Pixar. Worlds are colliding.

So against my better judgement Iím bringing you this. A new Cars 2 poster in which Lightning McQueen attends the royal wedding. Will he actually attend the wedding in the film? Nope. He will be traveling around the world and may end up in England, but mostly this is just a cynical cash-in on the worldís mostly despicable obsession with a couple of rich people who contribute nothing to society getting married. EnjoyÖ

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