Catherine Zeta-Jones Is A Michelle Bachmann Lookalike On The Rock Of Ages Set

By Katey Rich 2011-07-14 14:36:30discussion comments
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It's probably just a coincidence that, in a week when Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann is all over the news in her run for President, Catherine Zeta-Jones is spending her first week on the Rock of Ages set as a prim, anti-rock and roll politician. A coincidence, but a very, very convenient one. The movie's director Adam Shankman tweeted an image of Zeta-Jones from the set, and while in her pink pantsuit she might be trying to ape other female conservatives of the past like Anita Bryant, with her straightened hair and pearls she's a pretty close comparison to Bachmann. Take a look at what I mean below, with a photo of Bachmann included for comparison's sake.

In the full version you can see the sign behind her says "Organization to Stop Evil Rock Singers," and given that they seem to be spelling an acronym, I think we can pretty safely assume the first word is Ladies and the whole thing stands for LOSERS. Sure, not the most subtle slam, but Rock of Ages was a silly, big, glitzy Broadway musical, and I expect it to be pretty similar in the movie adaptation as well. Shankman actually tweeted another silly picture of some protesters, these with the simpler sign "Evil rock singers burn in hell," and you can see that below as well. All the major action of the story takes place at the Sunset Strip rock club The Bourbon Room, which eventually falls on hard times and has to be shut down. I'm not sure the protesting crazies have anything to do with getting the place closed, but they're probably not too sorry to see it happen. Zeta-Jones is just one part of a massive cast that includes Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Julianne Hough, Mary J. Blige, Russell Brand, and Will Forte. If you're a fan of musicals that are cheesy and silly, like Shankman's own Hairspray, you've got plenty to look forward to here.

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