Celebrate Vacation's 30th Anniversary With 5 Hysterical Clips

By Mack Rawden 2013-05-21 10:08:19discussion comments
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3. The Flying Car
No matter how much men grow up, thereís always an immature bozo somewhere deep inside us. We know itís ridiculous. When the kids are around, most of us do everything we can to hide it, but occasionally, it comes out, which is why it shouldnít surprise anyone that Clark is very proud of how far he jumped his car. Standing atop his trashed automobile like a conquering hero, he proudly repeats Rustyís 50 Yards claim and basks in the idea of bragging about that feat later.

The car jump is also a great insight into Clarkís eternal optimism. His vehicle is broken. His family is pissed off. He knows he must walk through the sand an unknown number of miles to get help, and yet, heís still extremely pleased with himself. Itís idiotic, and itís also what makes him loveable.
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