Charlie Day's Monstrous Summer And The Future Of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

By Eric Eisenberg 2013-06-19 23:50:06discussion comments
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Art is a really cool character, and his shape adds an awesome physicality. Did that enter into your performance at all?

Well, a little bit, because you have to make noises as the characterís moving, so youíre trying to figure out as youíre running and grunting what it would sound like to have two giant legs, but whether or not I pulled that off, I donít now, but I think thatís all up to the animator.

Have you seen the final film?

I have, yeah. I really love it.

Beyond the voice, do you see your physicality in there too?

You know, I didnít so much, when I saw it. I didnít, I almost didnít hear myself, but probably because Iím not used to looking at myself like a fuzzy purple rainbow [laughs].

This is a big summer for you, between Monsters University and Pacific Rim.

Itís a monstrous summer, so to speak.

Thatís actually an awesome way of putting it [laughs]. I think you just gave me my headline, sir.

Well, Iím no journalist, but you can use that [laughs].

Youíve been doing television work for most of your career, so is this kind of where you see yourself going?

Itís a lot of fun to work with such great people. Itís a lot less pressure than Itís Always Sunny in Philadelphia where if itís not working, itís my fault, and I canít blame anybody else, except maybe Rob or Glenn. So, itís a little bit more of a free ride. However, I really get off on building something from beginning to end. Thatís probably the most rewarding experience. So, if I can continue to do both, I will, and if not, Iíll take just one. As long as Iím doing something.

I also have to imagine that having a cable show versus a network show, youíre doing ten episodes versus twenty-four. That has to help out your scheduling a little bit, but do you still find yourself being selective about the projects you take on?

Well, you know, because we write the show and we edit the show, it doesnít free up my schedule that much, and between Pacific Rim and Horrible Bosses and Monsters University, those are the only projects that Iíve had time to do

Are you actively looking for different kinds of stuff, because what weíve seen from Pacific Rim is clearly much, much different than Charlie on Sunny.

No, I wasnít actively looking for that at all. The phone just rang, which is the best thing that can happen. Guillermo is such a big Sunny fan, that he called me up.

I heard him say that he was inspired by your monologue in the ďCharlie Kelly: King of the RatsĒ episode.

Can you believe that? Crazy.
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