Charlie Sheen For Expendables 2?

By Mack Rawden 2010-11-02 18:05:59discussion comments
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Charlie Sheen For Expendables 2? image
Itís been a rough couple weeks for Charlie Sheen, what with the hotel room fiasco and the divorce papers he was just hit with, but no matter how many thorns you run into, thereís always a rose waiting underneath. Rumor has it Charlie Sheen may well be cast in Sly Stalloneís upcoming Expendables sequel. It shouldnít come as a surprise, really. That movieís all about balls-to-the-wall alpha male behavior and drunkenly destroying a hotel room with a hot chick half your age. Charlie Sheen certainly qualifies.

According to Whatís Playing, the role in question would see Charlie Sheen play an aging, yet still cunning CIA agent hot on the pursuit of Bruce Willis. I buy it. If Charlie Sheenís face conveys anything, itís a striking competence masked underneath pathological indifference. While he may not punch harder than Stone Cold Steve Austin or intimidate white people better than Terry Crews, he still is a useful accomplice when guns are involved.

I support this potential casting, just as I supported Mel Gibsonís brief involvement with The Hangover. If we didnít let people redeem themselves by going back to work, there wouldnít be enough people left to deliver pizzas let alone make movies.
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