Charlize Theron In Mad Max?

By Josh Tyler 2009-10-22 00:13:34discussion comments
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George Miller has been touting a new sequel to Mad Max for, what seems like, forever. One thing heís always been fairly adamant about is that if he does it, Mel Gibson wonít be in it. George Miller thinks heís too old. Who isnít too old? Charlize Theron.

E! claims that Theron is Millerís first choice for the female lead in Mad Max 4Ö or whatever they end up calling the movie that comes after Thunderdome. I have a suggestion: Mad Max: Weíre Sorry About Thunderdome. Seems appropriate. Or better yet, Mad Max: Weíre Sorry About Thunderdome So To Make Up For It Hereís Charlize Theron Naked. Yeah, that sounds pretty good.

In addition to Charlize, word is that Tom Hardy is up for the part of Mad Max. Traumatized geeks no doubt remember Tom Hardy as Captain Picardís clone in the last Next Generation fueled Star Trek movie, Nemesis. Really though, itís not Tom Hardyís fault that the script sucked.

For now, Mad Max 4 is a long way off, if indeed itís really happening at all. Stick around and weíll let you know if Charlize and Tom get parts.

charlize thereon is mad max
Thunderdome could only be improved by lacy underwear.

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