Check Out How Wonder Woman Looked In 5 Famous Projects

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Shannon Farnon in Super Friends (1973-1986)
Background: Super Friends was initially a one hour cartoon that featured several superheroes coming together to battle aliens and various other villains. It was cancelled pretty quickly, but luckily, that big ugly axe was followed almost immediately by a sharp increase in superhero popularity. So, Wonder Woman and company were back on the air and somehow stayed there for more than a decade, though the animated show changed formats damn near every year.

Appearance: You can totally tell the time period by the haircut. The little curve on the side gives it away. Beyond that and a little too much gold in the torso for my taste, this costume is pretty basic and uneventful. Itís also very clearly designed for children as it shows almost no cleavage whatsoever and doesnít ooze sex appeal like some of the other efforts.
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