Check Out The Outlandish Number Of 2013 Movie Posters Involving Forests

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As I Lay Dying
Background: Recently, James Franco got excited about adapting William Faulknerís As I Lay Dying. Why? Because heís the type of guy that gets excited about doing weird shitólike selling invisible art. You probably heard about the adaptation at some point or another, but what you probably didnít know is the film already came out. More importantly for our purposes, so did its poster, and it features Franco looking all intense while surrounded by some overgrowth.

Overall Poster Rating: 7/10

Reason: Iíve never read As I Lay Dying. In fact, I donít even have the slightest idea what itís about, but judging by this poster, I would say Francoís character is an intense blue collar guy who works in or around the woods and has probably just experienced a terrible loss. Give me a minute to check with Wikipedia and verify. Checking. Checking. Checking. Wooo! I didnít not see this level of heartbreak coming. Also, a forest does not figure heavily into the plot; so, Iím going to go back and knock the overall poster score down a point.
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