Chris Nolan Makes More Room For Batman 3 By Leaving The Prisoner

By Josh Tyler 2009-08-18 22:35:27discussion comments
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Chris Nolan Makes More Room For Batman 3 By Leaving The Prisoner image
Batman 3 may have just gotten a little closer to happening. Director Christopher Nolan is currently working on Inception, but also on his schedule was a The Prisoner, a sci-fi movie based on the short-lived 60s television series of the same name. With Warner Bros. eager to fill their coffers with more fat nerd cash, doing yet another movie before following up The Dark Knight might have been too much waiting for them to handle. Luckily, itís no longer an issue.

Cine Fools recently spoke with one of the projectís producers Barry Mendel, who revealed that Chris Nolan has dropped out of The Prisoner. That leaves Nolan free to devote his full attention to Batman 3, once Inception is finished.

Meanwhile, The Prisoner is still moving forward. They have a first draft script from David and Janet Peoples, the writers of the twisty sci-fi flick Twelve Monkeys. Good choice if they can deliver a similar asthetic to the confusing and mysterious world of The Prisoner.
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