Chris Pine Attached To Ben Affleck's The Blade Itself

By Perri Nemiroff 2009-11-02 15:34:33discussion comments
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Chris Pine Attached To Ben Affleck's The Blade Itself image
Itís been over a year since we heard that Ben Affleck and his Gone Baby Gone writing/producing partner, Sean Bailey, nabbed the rights to bring the novel The Blade Itself to the big screen. Contrary to popular belief, just because news about the film isnít flooding the Internet, doesnít mean development has come to a halt. In fact, weíve learned that progress has been made on the hush hush.

According to Pajiba, Star Trekís Chris Pine signed on to star in the film in May, but as of six weeks ago, his status changed from starring to attached. Pine is scheduled to meet with the filmís top directorial candidate before sealing the deal. As for the director, Pajiba says the individual set to rendezvous with Pine is not Affleck.

If Pine does sign on to star, the role will be a great departure from Star Trekís James T. Kirk. The Blade Itself is based on the Marcus Sakey novel about a pair of young friends, Danny and Evan, who commit a slew of petty crimes together until something goes horribly wrong. Years later, we meet the boys again who have grown to lead completely different lives. Danny has a family and a successful career but Evan is an ex-con with a vengeance. Danny is forced to do whatever it takes to protect the ones he loves from his dark past.

Donít think Pine can hack it in a gritty crime film? Check out Bottle Shock. Itís as far from a crime film as you can get, but it does show the guy is versatile. Heíll be putting that resourcefulness to good use in the coming years. Since the release of Star Trek, Chris has signed on to a handful of projects. Thereís The Art of Taking Money, Unstoppable and, most recently, buzz about Pine becoming the new Jack Ryan. Maybe if all goes well with The Blade Itself, Affleck will give him some tips on portraying iconic CIA agent.
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