Chris Rock Will Warn Guys What To Expect When They're Expecting

By Sean O'Connell 2011-07-01 07:49:27discussion comments
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Chris Rock Will Warn Guys What To Expect When They're Expecting image
The whole concept behind the developing comedy What to Expect When You Are Expecting sounds like one of Chris Rockís comedy bits. You can almost hear the stand up barking at his audience, telling them, "You donít KNOW what to expect. You think you do!. But you donít." Then he'd repeat it over and over again because thatís what Rock does.

And now, heíll officially be doing it for the Expecting ensemble comedy thatís being out together at Lionsgate. Deadline reports that Rock is joining the production in the role of Vic, unofficial ďleaderĒ of a group of in-over-their-heads expectant fathers who has to alert the guys to whatís in store. Again, it sounds like a portal for material Rock has used in his stand up routine, but thatís fine with me. This loosely shaped adaptation of Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazelís baby and birthing Bible needed a little edge, and Rock should bring just that.

What to Expect When You Are Expecting director Kirk Jones has already lured Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Kendrick and the recently cast Brooklyn Decker to his cast, ensuring that, at the very least, the comedy will be pretty to look at. Now Iím curious to see if heíll figure out how best to use Rock, whose attempts at big-screen success have always fallen a bit short. Yes, he has been fine in the occasional Adam Sandler vehicle. But Rock on his own has produced tepid features such as I Think I Love My Wife and Head of State (both of which he also directed). At the very least, Rock has Broadway to fall back on Ė he has received rave reviews for the stage production The Motherfucker With the Hat - but for such a gifted comedian we expect more. Maybe weíll get it in Expecting?
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