Chris Tucker Starring Spec Script The Rabbit Finds A Buyer

By Mack Rawden 2010-12-06 17:50:04discussion comments
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Chris Tucker Starring Spec Script The Rabbit Finds A Buyer image
Chris Tucker hasnít done a non-Rush Hour movie since The Fifth Element thirteen years ago. Heís like Joe Pesci. Better yet, heís like the anti-Samuel L Jackson. I can understand devoting time to your family - kids are only young once and if people throw twenty million plus at you to make another installment of Rush Hour now and again, those dollar bills can be stretched. That being said, most people at least work once a year. Woody Allen makes one film a year. Tom Hanks makes about one movie a year. Itís about time Chris Tucker got back on the horse.

According to Deadline, Tucker has finally chosen to take on another project, as a spec script he's attached to, titled The Rabbit, has been sold. Not much is known about the film, which was written by Micah Barnett and is being produced by Dan Lin, except that itís being compared to Midnight Run. You might remember the Charles Grodin/Robert De Niro bounty hunter flick for being awesome and way better than that shit Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston tried to pull earlier this year.

Withholding excitement at this juncture is probably the right call since we know almost nothing, but the return of Chris Tucker is worth at least a shred of anticipation.
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