Clash of the Titans: Behind the Scenes

By Will LeBlanc 2010-02-15 19:02:42discussion comments
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Clash of the Titans: Behind the Scenes image
If you didnít get your fill of Sam Worthington talking about how awesome he is in the pile of Avatar featurettes that came out in December, you can get another helping here in the newly released behind-the-scenes look at Warner Bros. Clash of the Titans.

Itís a mere two minutes 17 seconds and in that time the clip manages to accomplish next to nothing. At least Avatarís clips showed off some effects, whereas this one just has actors saying, ďItís gonna be awesome!Ē Liam Neeson and Ralph Feinnes admittedly are always awesome and getting a quick peek at Medusa is interesting.

Whatís most infuriating about the above, is the ending voiceover and title card: ďStarts April 2nd in 3DÖ 2D in select theaters.Ē FUCK THAT! 2D should never be the secondary choice, especially when the movie wasnít even shot for 3D, theyíre faking it after the fact. Itís a straight up insulting marketing trick from Warner Bros. to try to get more suckers to spend $17 on a movie instead of $10. Personally, I might just pass on it altogether to make up for the one asshole somewhere that will undoubtedly say, ďOMG 3D IS THE BEST LOL!Ē Enough already, guys.
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