Comic Con 2011: Live Blogging The Total Recall Panel

By Eric Eisenberg 2011-07-22 18:10:51discussion comments
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Comic Con 2011: Live Blogging The Total Recall Panel image
We just heard from Colin Farrell on the Fright Night panel, but now itís time to switch gears and head towards the science fiction genre. In a remake of the classic Paul Verhoeven film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Farrell will be playing the new version of Quaid who, instead of going to Mars, has to deal with a futuristic society in which the world has been split into two nationstates and one ruled by a tyrannical dictator.

Iíll be sitting here in Hall H where Iíve heard they will hopefully be showing some footage from the film and the creators will have plenty to say!

5:09: Len Wiseman, Jessica Biel, Brian Cranston, John Cho, Kate Bekinsale, and Colin Farrell hit the stage!

5:11: First sequence that they shot is going to be shown. The footage is going to be rough, but they really wanted to show something!

5:17: Footage was pretty damn cool. Showed the scene in which Quaid goes to recall and discovers that he is actually a spy...or is he? (more details later)

5:18: Jessica plays Melina, a member of the resistance who fight against the evil Cohagen, played by Bryan Cranston. John Cho plays McClane, who sells brain vacations and set Quaid up on a trip. Kate Bekinsale plays Quaid's wife, who works with Cohagen. Farrell plays Douglas Quad, an Austrian ex-pat and former bodybuilder who becomes an actor and finds that to be a base for politics.

5:18: Len says he drew on the Philip K. Dick story in the sense of not knowing what's real and what's not.

5:22: Colin says that he loved the original - catches himself repeating what he said earlier from the Fright Night panel - loved the idea of escapism, finding reality. Says Len showed him artwork...from when Len was 6 (he's a joker). Started looking through concept art and said "I want to be a part of that frame"

5:27: John Cho says that he finds preparation for each individual role fairly similar, though

5:28: Bryan Cranston says he gets to celebrate badness in Total Recall after starting to go darker on Breaking Bad.

5:30:Kate and Jessica apparently were very careful with each while doing their fight scenes.

5:30: Someone just broke the news to Bryan Cranston that heís ineligible to win an Emmy because heís won four times. Talking about his success, he says that he still has his butler put his pants on one leg at a time and that he had a chat with his limo driver about it on the way over.

5:34: Colin talking about his American accent: Americans all grew up with, ďTheyíre all after our Lucky Charms!Ē

5:36: Audience member asks if Kate feels pressure replacing Sharon Stone. Her answer: ďI do nowĒ

5:38: John has bleached blonde hair in the movie, and says that it did help in his creation of the character. Says Len sent him photos of himself with blonde hair, which he found just a touch creepy.

5:39: Bryan Cranston says that you canít judge your character, instead you have to understand their motivations. Donít want to be the mustache twisting villain. If he sends someone to their death, they deserved it

5:43: Len says that they are shooting for an August release date

5:44: The Total Recall panel is over! Time for Spider-Man!
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