Comic Con: Is Nathan Fillion Joss Whedon's Ant-Man?

By Josh Tyler 2010-07-23 17:05:30discussion comments
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Comic Con: Is Nathan Fillion Joss Whedon's Ant-Man? image
Conflicting reports flying out of Comic Con right now, claiming that Joss Whedon announced Nathan Fillion as Ant-Man in his upcoming Avengers movie. Or maybe he didnít. Though youíll see a lot of sites suddenly reporting that Filliion is confirmed as Ant-Man or that Whedon wants him at Ant-Man, some tweets seem to suggest that he was just joking and perhaps Ant-Man isnít even going to be in the film.

Ant Man is, however, one of the original members of The Avengers so it does seem likely that heíll show up in the film at some point. This isnít the first time Fillionís been mentioned in conjunction with the part either. Back in June rumor had it was that Fillion was indeed cast as Ant Man. Besides, Whedonís affinity for working in actors heís used before into his current projects is well known. Yet it seems far too early in The Avengers process for them to even begin thinking about casting. As far as we know thereís not even a script. To me it seems more likely that Whedon was joking.

Ballroom 20, where Whedonís panel occurred was packed, and our reporters were shut out. So if you were there, chime in through the comments section below and let us know what Joss Whedon really said.

UPDATE! As we suspected this was just the result of attention seekers concocting a scoop where there wasn't one. Nathan Fillion, the would be Ant-Man himself just tweeted this message and cleared the whole thing up: "Joss' comment: Funny and very clearly a joke. People hear: Whatever they wanna hear."

Thanks to CB reader "blissfulslavery" for the tip!

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