Comic Con: Kevin Smith Q&A Compares Twilight To Hustler

By Tim Gomez 2009-07-26 16:42:57discussion comments
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Comic Con: Kevin Smith Q&A Compares Twilight To Hustler image
Anyone whoís seen any of Kevin Smithís Evening With DVDs knows exactly what to expect from a Smith Q&A, and the closing panel of Saturdayís Comic Con was no different. Kevin wasted no time getting right to the long line of audience members waiting at the microphone. He gave a quick intro about how he didnít bring any A Couple of Dicks footage because bringing footage had never helped in the past, and then he was on his way to answering questions.

The questions ranged from serious queries about his current projects to questions about whom he would want to fight in a celebrity boxing match (he said he felt no ill will towards anyone strong enough to risk himself in a fight). There were a couple interesting announcements (those can be read here and here) and a couple of great audience moments. One included a fan giving Kevin a custom made Twilight bag for his daughter and Kevin inviting that guy up on stage for the rest of the panel (a massage was also given later on).

Overall, the Q&A was a slight disappointment, not because Kevin wasnít hilarious (he always is) but because the audience wasnít asking interesting questions. Most of the questions were given one-word answers and were usually about past Smith projects. It was easy to tell that Kevin wanted to talk about certain subjects (for instance, the Twilight footage shown the day before), and no one was really opening those doors for him. I was waiting for one sacrificial lamb, a selfless fan who, instead of asking a question about Kevinís reasoning for picking Bruce Willis for A Couple of Dicks (with a slight attitude, mind you), asks Kevin, ďHey man, whatís on your mind?Ē It never happened, though.

In a lot of ways, I feel like the whole thing was representative of Kevinís career. This guy keeps trying to move on from what he used to do, but he has thousands upon thousands of fans (a million, even, according to his Twitter) who canít move on with him. Understandably, Kevin has probably grown bored with revisiting his past, and itís possible thatís what causes the one-word answers. Thatís why Iím more than glad that heís decided to take on A Couple of Dicks. Sure, itís not too much of a departure for him, but it may be enough to help him move on completely for his next movie.

There were still great stories to be told. Kevin compared the Twilight series to the old Hustler magazines he used to look at when working at Quick Stop. He talked about why he no longer puts gays in his movies (because he likes chicks, which was also his reasoning for why he should probably be able to write lesbians well). He talked about random stuff like his favorite roller coaster and even admitting that he had just written the ending to his hockey movie that heíll be making with Mitch Albom. As always, Kevin didnít disappoint. Itís impossible to not like a guy that brings so much joy to many geeks.

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