Comic Con: Titanic Will Go On In 3D

By Josh Tyler 2009-07-24 23:26:35discussion comments
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Comic Con: Titanic Will Go On In 3D image
3D has been the big focus of this yearís San Diego Comic Con, so itís no surprise that when you get a bunch of movie industry visionaries together, watching movies while wearing funny glasses is a front and center topic. EW attended the Visionaries Panel at Comic Con tonight where Peter Jackson and James Cameron took center stage, and talked 3D.

In particular, Cameron confirmed that a 3D version of Titanic is coming. In fact itís already underway, though the conversion process will take 18 months. Cameron said, ďWe've seen a couple of minutes already, and it looks great.Ē

On the other hand, 3D doesnít seem to be in the cards for Lord of the Rings. Now that New Line Cinema is all but defunct, Warner Bros. is in charge of the Lord of the Rings universe and Peter Jackson says they arenít enthusiastic about converting them. Whatís the problem? They just donít think there are enough 3D screens out there to justify the expense. Theyíre probably right.

Right now pushing 3D is Hollywoodís way of pushing us towards a future where itís the norm, itís not really about making big profit from it now. 3D is the long view. Some are buying into it, other like Warner Bros. apparently arenít. Give the choice though, I think Iíd rather watch Frodo leap out of the screen than be forced to watch Leonardo DiCaprio drown into the row in front of me.

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