Comic Con: Video Of Watchmen's Nite Owl Ship

By Josh Tyler 2008-07-24 02:55:52discussion comments
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Comic Con: Video Of Watchmen's Nite Owl Ship image
Today was our first day in San Diego and, as soon as our feet hit the ground we had Watchmen on the brain. While Ed Perkis and I waited unnecessarily in line for the disappointing premiere of Lost creator JJ Abramsí new series Fringe. CBís Rafe Telsch battled his way through the convention floor to point his video camera at this: A life size (Fully functional? We wish!) version of Nite Owlís awesome ship from the upcoming Watchmen movie.

Those of you who havenít read the comic probably recognize it from the trailer. Itís the ship that rises out of the water near the beginning. Those of you who have read the comic know it as Archie. Well here at the San Diego Comic Con itís not just some image on a screen or ink in a comic, itís a life size thing sitting right there in the middle of the convention floor. Very cool. Take a look:

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