Complete Gallery Of Super 8 Images

By Josh Tyler 2011-05-31 17:05:42discussion comments
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Tomorrow morning when you wake up and hit the ďhomeĒ button on your browser to arrive at Cinema Blend, youíll find Super 8 coverage on an epic scale. Weíre about to blow your minds by telling you everything you want to know about JJ Abramsí hotly anticipated movie (while at the same time not telling anything you donít want to knowÖ no spoilers here!). Before the Super 8 cavalcade starts late tonight though, hereís something to whet your appetite: Dozens of new Super 8 photos.

Paramount has just handed us their complete, full gallery of images from Abramsí mysterious new film. No, of course, they donít show the monster. Instead youíll see more of the kids, the military, and the people of their town looking up to the sky as their neighborhood is subjected to strange happenings.

Iíve included a few of those new photos below. Click on any one of them to see the complete Super 8 image gallery.

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