Couples Retreat Clips: Vince Vaughn Leads The Celeb Beach Retreat

By Josh Tyler 2009-09-27 22:32:47discussion comments
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Iíd rate the chances of Couples Retreat actually being funny as shockingly slim. But Iíll see it anyway and I might even enjoy it, for exactly the same reason I stop a minute and stare into a fish tank, should a glass contraption full of aquatic creatures float past my eye. Relaxation. Couples Retreat appears primarily to be pretty, scantily women hanging out in a beautiful setting with fat, disgusting men engaging in mildly titillating humor. Itís a fantasy, a modern day Garden of Eden created right there on screen provided of course you too are a fat disgusting man. All thatís missing really are the feeders of Vaal. I guess that makes Vince Vaughn Vaal.

Below we have seven sunny clips from Couples Retreat in which youíll see the occasional elderly male asscrack under a palm tree, but also the occasional Kristen Bell in a bikini. All is right in the world. Enjoy a few scenes from Couples Retreat. Itíll lower your blood pressure.

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