Craig Robinson To Play The Antichrist In Rapturepalooza

By Mack Rawden 2011-03-30 10:24:41discussion comments
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Craig Robinson To Play The Antichrist In Rapturepalooza image
Thereís always been a gap between what comedians might do if their audiences truly thought like them and what they settle for because their audiences donít think like them. Everyone wants to make movies theyíre proud of, but they also want to keep roofs over their heads and not offend the very people paying the mortgages. Now and again though, a truly ridiculous and hilarious premise slips through the filter and somehow gains momentum. Recent examples have included Observe And Report: mall cop stops his medication and vows to murder a flasher and The Invention Of Lying: random man figures out untruths and invents story about a being in the sky. Next year, youíll be able to add Craig Robinsonís newest to that list.

According to Deadline, the stand-up and Hot Tub Time Machine starís spring project is called Rapturepalooza, and it follows a couple trying to pick up the pieces after God unexpectedly calls his followers home. The locusts are causing havoc to their streetside food business and worse, the antichrist has decided to take the chick as his wife. Craig Robinson will play said antichrist and also executively produce the project for Lionsgate.

This sounds awesome. Thereís certainly the potential for Rapturepalooza to completely lose touch with reality, but Robinson has proved a muted and effective comedian in the past. Letís hope this finds the right balance between honesty and hilarity.
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