Damon Speaks On True Grit, Bobby Kennedy, And Possible Future Roles

By Eric Eisenberg 2010-02-27 18:42:40discussion comments
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Damon Speaks On True Grit, Bobby Kennedy, And Possible Future Roles image
When Matt Damon showed up to the Green Zone premiere on Thursday, the celebrity blogs went nuts, not because of who he was with or because of what he was wearing, rather it was because of the thin, high-school mustache he was sporting. Many speculated that the upper-lip hair growth was for a role, but generally avoided saying which one. Turns out that it's for True Grit, and the actor couldn't be more excited.

Speaking with reporters in a round table discussion, Damon could do nothing but praise the work of the Coen Brothers, saying "Iím dying, dying to work with those guys. I just think theyíre incredible and I canít wait. But there are a bunch of great directors out there. Thereís a ton of people I havenít worked with, but if I could just work with the people that I have worked with, Iíd be great." He also confirmed that the script is not-so-much a remake of the classic John Wayne film as it is a more direct adaptation of the 1968 Charles Portis novel, which the actor said he read after he took the part in the film. More to that point, Glen Campbell didn't have a mustache when he played the role of La Boeuf in the 1969 film.

The actor went on to say that while he has been looking for a film to direct himself, he feels that he's "going to learn so much watching" the Coens that he is more than willing to put it off for another year

While True Grit is certainly on his mind, as filming is set to commence on March 15th, it was hardly the only upcoming project discussed. In recent weeks, the actor has been rumored for roles such as Robert Kennedy, and either Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich.

Speaking on Kennedy, Damon said that the rumors began when writer/director Gary Ross obtained the rights to new biography of the former senator by Evan Thomas, but that "thereís no script yet, so itís a little ways off." He did, however, express optimism about the project, saying, "the scriptís supposed to come in next month, so hopefully itíll be great and Iíll have a job for the fall."

The other project currently being held up by the lack of a script is the Yankee wife-swapping movie that would re-team him with Ben Affleck after 12 years apart. As a Bostonian, however, and a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, he did express some concern about putting on the hat, saying that he'll "just tell people it was Photoshopped."

Evidently in a talkative mood (his interview went on longer than any of the four others that participated), he also spoke about two projects that he is currently working on with frequent collaborator Steven Soderbergh: the Liberace bio-pic that will see Michael Douglas play the flamboyant pianist and viral-outbreak film Contagion.

Scott Burns, who wrote The Informant, handed in this great script and itís timely, soÖ itís more of an ensemble piece, but Iím going to play a small part in that, and then weíre going to do Liberace some time next year.

As disappointing as it is that he will not be returning to the Bourne franchise, it appears that we still, at the very least, will get plenty of Matt Damon action. Perhaps not returning for Bourne 4 has nothing to do with Greengrass at all. Maybe Damon is just too damn busy.
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