Dan Akyroyd Is Working On The Ghostbusters 3 Script

By Josh Tyler 2010-10-07 13:16:44discussion comments
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Dan Akyroyd Is Working On The Ghostbusters 3 Script image
Iím not sure I believe Ghostbusters 3 will ever happen. Bill Murray has been pretty adamantly against it for awhile now, and thereís no movie without Bill Murray. But Dan Akyroyd is all for it and every time anyone talks to him, heís intent on pushing ahead with the whole thing. Now he may even be writing the script.

Talking with Vanity Fair about the project he says, ďIím working on the script now.Ē In that same paragraph though, he praises the script written by Stupnitsky and Eisenberg, the same script Bill Murray has been trashing. Itís unclear exactly what Akyroyd means by ďworkingĒ on it. Does that mean heís writing a new one, making changes to the current one, or does it simply mean heís reading the Stupnitsky and Eisenberg script? Itís clear as mud.

He does clear things up a little though when he says, ďwe have a strong first draft that Harold [Ramis] and I will take back, and Iím very excited about working on it.Ē So it sounds like they havenít given up on the project yet, even though Bill Murrayís being sort of a pain about it. Will this ever really happen? I still donít think so.
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