Daniel Craig Likes That Haunted House After All

By Katey Rich 2009-08-28 08:34:21discussion comments
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Daniel Craig Likes That Haunted House After All image
We reported back in June that Daniel Craig was considering a starring role in Dream House, a psychological thriller that might sound generic and kind of stupid, but is being directed by In America director Jim Sheridan, who is actually a smart guy.

Or at least, he's smart enough for Daniel Craig, who has now officially signed on to the film, according to Variety. Craig plays the father of a family that relocates to a small New England town, where they learn that a vicious murder once took place in their home. Filming starts in January 25, after Craig wraps up his run on Broadway in A Steady Rain, which also co-stars Hugh Jackman. Provided Craig and Jackman aren't trampled in a frenzy of female fans, that is.
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