Daniel Craig's Dream House Trailer Spoils The Entire Movie

By Josh Tyler 2011-07-20 13:09:50discussion comments
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The first trailer for Dream House has arrived and, for some reason, it spoils the entire movie. The film is a horror thriller starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Naomi Watts. All youíre supposed to know about it going in is that a family moves into their dream house, and creepy things start happening to them. The trailer though, goes a step further and literally ruins the movie. This isnít just supposition on my part, Iíve spoken to people this morning who are intimately aware of the nature of the production, who know the ins and outs of the film. They confirm that this trailer spoils pretty much the entire movie.

So viewer beware. This is the official trailer for Dream House, but it also ruins Dream House. If youíre interested in the movie you probably donít want to watch it. Feel free to skip past the video embed (itís also in HD on Apple), and weíll talk more about the movie spoiler-free, below it.

So why would Universal Pictures spoil their own movie? The Dream House production has been troubled, pretty much all along. Our sources tell us Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are so unhappy with the movie they may not even do press for it, and that director Jim Sheridan lost control of the film to the studio. Were he still involved in the production, it seems certain that Sheridan would not have wanted this trailer to be seen.

The thing is, assuming you didnít know that itís one big spoiler, this is actually a pretty great trailer. Confusing, scattered, all over the map, but thereís so much going on that you canít help be interested in it. And that may be why theyíve decided to ruin the film. Itís worth it, if it gets people in seats for that initial weekend I suppose, no matter if they walk out angry because the trailers already gave away the entire movie.

If you skipped the trailer to avoid spoilers, you can get a more spoiler-free look at the film with new images and a poster in our Dream House image gallery.
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