Danny Boyle's 127 Hours Trailer Leaves James Franco In A Hole

By Josh Tyler 2010-08-24 17:25:50discussion comments
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Danny Boyle's 127 Hours Trailer Leaves James Franco In A Hole image
The trailer for director Danny Boyleís follow up to Slumdog Millionaire has arrived. Itís a movie called 127 Hours and if thereís a way to do the exact opposite of a movie about the life of an Indian kid wrapped around his attempt to win a contest, then this is probably it.

It stars James Franco in the true life story of mountain climber Aron Ralston. Aron goes into the desert, gets trapped in a crevasse, and spends five days alone examining his life and trying to extricate himself. But youíll only see the barest hint of that in the trailer.

Watch the first trailer for 127 Hours below or in HD on Apple.

What you saw in the trailer was everything leading up to Aronís accident. Itís a brilliant teaser, the sun blasts out of the screen as Aron flies through the desert and flirts with pretty girls, and everything seems beautiful untilÖ well until the plot happens. Itís somewhere around then that the teaser starts promising this will be a journey ďbeyond imaginationĒ. That may well be but itís a strange promise given the context of the trailer which, at best, sets itself ups as a thriller about a guy trapped in a hole. Thatís hardly beyond imagination. Still, itís just one, strangely chosen tagline amidst one of the most effective teasers weíve seen in awhile.
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