Danny Huston Is King Of All England

By Josh Tyler 2009-07-12 22:47:37discussion comments
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Danny Huston Is King Of All England image
Danny Huston has joined the cast of Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, and if you’re wondering why they’re only now getting around to hiring him after weeks of shooting, here’s the answer: THR says he’s playing Richard the Lionheart.

In the standard, generic Robin Hood tale (which Ridley’s once ambitious project now almost certainly is), Richard only shows up at the end to kick out John and give Robin and his Merry Men a bunch of medals. That likely means Huston’s part, while pivotal, will also be rather small. Danny is probably best known for his role as Stryker this summer in inexplicable box office hit X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Don’t hold that against him. He’s a kickass actor who ought to look pretty damned good in a crown.

Ridley’s Robin Hood is currently shooting in England and stars Russell Crowe as the titular prince of Sherwood Forest. Since they’re getting ready to shoot King Richard’s cameo, it’s likely safe to assume they’re almost done.
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