Dark Knight Rises Begins Shooting Today, Is This First Set Photo?

By Josh Tyler 2011-05-06 12:48:17discussion comments
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Filming on The Dark Knight Rises began today in India today and that means you can start expecting to see images claiming to be set photos, popping up all over the internet. Hereís the first one, a photograph which appears to have been taken from a moving train and claims to give us our first look at the Lazarus Pit.

Whatís the Lazarus Pit? In Batman-lore itís a mythical pool of ancient chemicals which Ra's al Ghul uses to resurrect himself from the dead, and keep himself young, enabling him to live for ever. Ra's al Ghul youíll recall was killed off in Batman Begins, but a few months ago Josh Pence was cast as a young version of the character who will appear in a flashback. Is this his Lazarus Pit?

The image was posted sent by an anonymous source to CBM where they have a zoomed in version. It appears to have been taken from a moving train and that source claims it shows Christopher Nolanís crew setting up for a shoot in India. All that green in the pool is probably green screen.

Is it real? When it first leaked out that Nolan might be shooting in India, word was that heíd be shooting in Mehrangarh Fort. That doesnít look like itís in a fort. Be skeptical. Weíll let you know for sure when we know.

Either way, the India shoot isnít expected to last long. Only a couple of days. Later theyíll spend three weeks shooting in Pittsburgh before moving on the UK. If youíre in Pitts and you see a man dressed like a bat jumping off a nearby building next week, snap some photos and send them my way.
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