In Defense Of Superman Returns: Three Things It Got Right

By Sean O'Connell 2013-06-10 06:37:35discussion comments
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2. Singer Upped the Action
It’s true Superman still didn’t punch anyone in Superman Returns -- a criticism, I believe, that indirectly led to the hiring of the action-savvy Snyder for Man of Steel in the first place – but Singer absolutely took advantage of advanced technological tools to put Kal-El (Brandon Routh) in the middle of some memorable set pieces that won’t look dated years from now. Have you popped in Superman II recently? The Niagara Falls “rescue” is embarrassing. But Superman Returns' mid-air rescue of a jumbo jet, the catching of the Daily Planet globe, and the launching of Lex Luthor’s “continent” into outer space are worthy sequences of a super Superman movie.
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