Delivery Man's Britt Robertson Talks Working With Vince Vaughn And The Fantastical Tomorrowland

By Eric Eisenberg 2013-11-22 14:24:35discussion comments
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This is a strange project just in the fact that itís a remake from the same writer-director as the original, so could you sense a kind of comfortableness with the material?

Confidence, yeah. I mean, I think Dreamworks and Disney, they really gave him a lot of freedom to make the movie that he wanted to make and I think they had such a, they loved Starbuck so much, that they just wanted to give him a chance to have that American format and platform. So, you know, working with him, there was a lot of ease and confidence. He knew what he wanted from day 1. He was like this is the movie I want to make and Iím going to make it. So we just did the best we could for him just so he could have this opportunity.

And one of the most dynamic scenes in the film is when youíre in the hospital and Vince Vaughn is going back and forth between the doctor and you trying to figure out what his responsibility is towards your characterís health and wishes. When you watch the scene itís played for comedy because youíre just watching this guy whoís like, "Oh God, what the hell am I getting into?"


But when you were on the set on the day, did you treat it as comedy or were you actually treating it more like drama?

You cannot treat those things, for me, I canít go too far into the comedy world, because then the reality is stripped out of it, and itís not as like, you donít feel it as much. My character was taking it 110% seriously. Itís way more funny than if Iím trying to throw some jokes in there. So, yeah, I had to just, and itís, on the day actually, when we shot that, it was right after Hurricane Sandy, so New York was very heavy and...

Not too hard to match the mood.

Yeah, exactly, the mood of just the entire city and our set was pretty down, so it wasnít hard to just be in that kind of heavy emotional state.

What was it like to work with Vince Vaughn?

Yeah, I mean, on this project it was definitely, it was different than I guess what most people think Vince Vaughn is.

How so?

From what I get, people are like, "Whatís Vince like? Is he like the funniest, always pranking, like ha ha?" He really is kind of like a down to earth, super passionate, opinionated guy, who has a lot to say all the time and heís cracking jokes, but in a really serious way, which I think is hilarious. Like heís not cracking jokes. Heís being serious, but his sincerity makes it so hilarious, you know. And I just, I really loved working with him. I felt like I got, my performance was way better than it ever could have been working with him.

Itís always great to meet someone who brings out the best in you.

Exactly, exactly.
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